7 Reasons You Should Hire an Agent

Buying a home is exciting, especially if it?s for the first time. It?s also really stressful and there are all kinds of details that require close attention. You could do it on your own but why not have someone in your corner who knows the ins and outs of real estate?

We might be a little biased, but there are actually a lot of great reasons you can benefit from working with a real estate agent. Hear us out?

We might be a little biased, but there are actually a lot of great reasons you can benefit from working with a real estate agent. Hear us out?

7 Reasons You Should Hire an Agent

Real estate agents do not cost you extra money and not using one doesn?t save you money. That?s right! We figured we?d start strong! Money is a huge factor in any decision so we might as well get this myth taken care of. Utilizing a real estate agent doesn?t do anything to your wallet. So if you the reason you don?t consider an agent is for dollars?time to reconsider. An agent is paid for by the seller and if you?re trying to save the seller money (maybe you know them) you can forget that too. An agent is included in the listing fee so if you don?t use an agent, the full amount simply goes to the listing agent. There?s no money lost by either party for you to use an agent.

Worse case scenario: you find out that your agent was slimy. It happens and there is a bright side. If you find out you were lied to or not properly represented by your agent, it?s much easier to pursue recourse than if you buy straight from the seller or even through a seller?s agent.?If you do proper research, finding a trustworthy agent shouldn?t be a problem.

Real estate agents are legally obligated to have your best interest in mind. Becoming a licensed real estate agent means that you have an obligation to protect your client?s interests. Besides being obligated, you should want to build a trustworthy relationship with your client. If you communicate your needs and wants with your agent, they should facilitate the best pricing strategy for you, provide listing information that is relevant to your search, and make sure that someone has your back throughout the process.

Privacy. Besides having your best interest in mind, agents also have what?s called a?fiduciary responsibility. Let?s put it this way. You have to provide a lot of personal information in the home buying process. Do you want to be handing anything requested over to the seller?s agent or the seller themselves? Probably not. Having an agent determine what?s necessary and what can be confidential is a safe bet.

Real estate law is hard and negotiations are exhausting. Let?s be honest, any form of law is hard. Buying a home comes with a lot of contracts and negotiation. Having an agent to explain the process to you every step of the way makes it much less stressful. Knowing someone can read a contract as easy as a bedtime story takes lots of pressure off you. Plus, you?ll understand what?s happening so that you never have to feel like it?s out of your control.

As far as negotiations, agents are used to going back and forth on a deal. They are able to identify when you?re being cheated on a price or when something doesn?t feel right. They also can work to bring down a price if an inspection comes back showing there?s work that needs to be done the owner isn?t willing to fix. There?s a lot that goes into negotiating a fair price that?s best done with proper insight. An agent offers that.

An agent will think of things that haven?t crossed your mind and know more about the things that did. Before looking for a home, most people have an idea of how many bedrooms they want, what kind of layout they?re looking for, if they want a property with lawn maintenance, etc. An agent can help take those items and use their experience to properly match a space. You may want 3 bedrooms, but maybe you only need 2 spaces for sleeping. That 3rd bedroom could easily become a den. Plus, while you?re looking for open concepts, your agent is looking for furnace and HVAC issues, mold, insect or animal infestations. The dream house you saw on Main Street might actually be a nightmare. An agent has the experience to identify all this so you don?t end up with buyer?s remorse.

An agent saves you time. And at the end of the day, time is money. Right? An agent will research homes that fit your criteria, set up appointments for viewings, field phone calls with potential sellers, and assist with anything else related to finding and purchasing a home. An agent saves you multiple games of phone tag on top of all the other administrative tasks that you have to Google your way through.

You have an ally for future real estate endeavors.?When you work with an agent you trust, you create an ally for future opportunities. When you?re ready to sell again, give them a call and get the ball rolling. If your parents want to downsize, you have someone you feel comfortable trusting them with. A real estate agent can be a long-term asset, even if it?s just to ask a few questions about hypothetical moves. We?ve got your back no matter what.

The takeaway? Can you purchase a home without an agent? Yes. Do we recommend it? No. The?pros far outweigh the cons?and there?s always room for someone in your corner.

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