Tenant Information

Covid Showings:

Due to COVID-19 there are NO INTERIOR SHOWINGS allowed if a tenant is occupying the home. An Exception will be made in the following circumstances:

1. Approved Rental Application
2. Signed Intent to Rent
3. Collection of a $500 Non-Refundable Showing Deposit. This will be put towards your first months rent upon Lease Signing. If for any reason you choose not to move forward with the lease, you will be in breach of your intent to rent and therefore would surrender your showing deposit.

Welcome to Ankeney Real Estate!

Although we represent the Home Owner we want you to have a good experience so please contact us directly with questions or concerns. We will address them as quickly and accurately as possible.

Important Info:

Primary Contacts
Charissa Turnbull: 719-360-4736 / charissa.turnbull@gmail.com
Ashton Ankeney: 719-963-9731 / ashton.ankeney@gmail.comm

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 7am -7pm
Weekends by appointment

If you get our voicemail we will return non-emergency calls within 2 hours during business hours, the next day if after 7 and within 5 hours on weekends without an appointment.

For emergencies, please call Charissa and if after hours leave a message. Charissa will return your call within 2 hours. Please see the maintenance procedure for more information.

Property Inspections to Expect:

  • Damage Analysis at the time of Rental Agreement and every Lease change.
  • Walk – Through Inspection with Tenant present at the time of lease exit.
  • Mid Lease Interior Inspection half way through the lease.
  • Full Inspection at every lease renewal
  • Quarterly Exterior Inspection / Drive-by

Ankeney Real Estate Minimum Tenant Requirements:

  • Prospective Tenant must have a combined income of a minimum of 2.5X the monthly rental amount prior to taxes being taken out and be able to provide proof with 2 months of recent pay stubs.
  • Prospective Tenant’s employer must verify employment.
  • Prospective Tenant must pass a background check and have no felony convictions.
  • Prospective Tenant must have a minimum credit score of 600.
  • Prospective Tenant must receive a good referral from their most recent landlord. If the tenant has not rented in the past 18 months they must provide 2 character references.
  • All tenants over 18 must complete application.

Rental Payment Policy:

Tenant Must pay rent by the 1st of the month one of three ways:

  • Deposit or transfer funds directly to the designated Ankeney Real Estate account at a Chase Bank location.
  • Pay online through Tenant Cloud (including service fee if applicable.)
  • Make other arrangements at the time of lease signing to pay rent in person with a certified check or money order.

Late Rent

  • Tenant will incur a $25 late fee on the 6th day of the month if rent is not paid in full.
  • Tenant will incur an additional $25 late fee on the 8th of the month if full amount including late fees are not paid in full.
  • If tenant has not paid by the 10th of the month an Eviction Notice will be served. Please see Eviction Process for more information.

Tenant Maintenance Request Procedure:

For a non-emergency please fill out a maintenance report in tenant cloud. We will respond to your claim within 72 hours.

In the event of an emergency:

If there is a need for emergency services call 911.
If the plumbing system has been compromised in any way and water is coming into the home turn off the water at the main water shut off immediately.

Please fill out a maintenance request in Tenant cloud. For an emergency always call as well to ensure a fast response.

Call Ankeney Real Estate during business hours 7am-7pm at 719-377-2090.
After hours please call Charissa Turnbull at 719-360-4736
If you are unable to reach Charissa please call Ashton Ankeney at 719-963-9731.
Please allow 2 hours for response.

Below is a link to legislation regarding tenant habitability and owner/ landlord’s duties:

Pet Policy

  • A Refundable deposit of $250 for 1 pet or $200 per pet up to 3 will be collected at lease signing.
  • There is a $25 per pet per month pet rent
  • Not all Ankeney Real Estate Properties allow pets. Every home’s pet policies are determined by the home owner.

Showing Policy

When a property becomes available and needs to be shown the following guidelines will be followed.

If occupied:

  • Landlord has the right to advertise, put a sign in the yard and start showing the home 30 days before the lease term is complete if the current tenant has given notice.
  • An electronic lockbox will be placed on the property.
  • 24 hour appointment notice required
  • Tenant may not deny a showing if given 24 hour notice
  • A licensed agent will show the property if occupied
  • If home is listed for lease there will be a single pre-determined time-block for showings daily.
  • If home is listed for sale showings will be allowed from 8am-8pm unless otherwise arranged.

Eviction Process

Ankeney Real Estate referenced the following website for the information provided:


Non-Payment of Rent Eviction:

If a tenant fails to pay rent on the day that it is due and goes beyond the day grace period according to Ankeney Real Estate policy they will be issued a late fee and a warning. If rent and all late fees are not paid by the 10th of the month Eviction proceeding begin.